Saturday, November 15, 2008

My story

Well this morning I will give a background sketch of my life. I am #3 of 8 kids. There are 6 girls and 2 boys. I was a Pastor's kid growing up, which could be tough sometimes. We moved around a lot during my teen years, to S. Dakota (yuck), and Illinois. I can honestly say that the only good thing that came out of that entire situation is I met my Best Friend Kim. At the tender age of 17 I joined the U. S. Navy. Never have I experienced such a culture shock. As there were many things I wasn't exposed to. So I had little experience with "worldly" pursuits. Then I went to Iceland, that was the farthest I have ever been away from my family, it was a really ugly period in my life. About 6 months into it I lost a good friend of mine, Dena. Her death sent me into a really bad depression, which wasn't helped by being in Iceland for the next year. But in that "place" I learned a lot of things about me.
A side note: I was molested by a "family" friend when I was 9, and we really didn't deal with it at that time.
So when I was in Iceland I became aware of how much it affected me when it came to guys. But then God brought someone into my life that really helped me see how Beautiful life and being with someone can be, when its right. I learned that life isn't a rose garden, but its also not all about pain and grief either. And to be normal in this life is to balance those 2 things. Then it was time to come back to the states, Virginia. While there I met my future Husband. We were friends for over a year before we started dating, then after 6 months we got married. Which was great because 2 months later I got pregnant. I got out of the Navy so I could come here to California and raise our son. Which has been great, that pretty much sums it up for right now.

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